Why StreetFleet?


At StreetFleet we appoint a dedicated consultant to your organisation enabling us to quickly understand your fleet needs and priorities. Your consultant takes care of everything, from quoting, advising on and sourcing your vehicles, through to trade-in, delivery and follow-up.

Your consultant will be there for you, personally attending to your needs and readily available to advise you on any fleet matter. You will not be ‘on hold for a short while’ nor having to explain your story over and over again because we don’t have a call centre and your consultant will already have full knowledge of your organisation’s fleet.

It’s because of this unrivalled level of personal service that our customers consistently report that we are “easy to deal with”. We have to be, because we don’t require any organisation to enter an exclusivity contract like other leasing companies. Your organisation can leave at any stage.

Consistently, our clients tell us that we “exceed their expectations” and 95% of them continue to use us and even the 5% that don’t, are prepared to give us ‘customer references’ (available on request)!

We work hard to ensure that we are constantly improving our offering and reducing your fleet costs. We make sure our fleet reports are more than just organised data by providing you with real-time actionable insights into your fleet to help you make the right decisions when required.

What really sets StreetFleet apart is our close working relationships with our suppliers, whom we treat equally as well as our clients; you will even find actual supplier testimonials on our website! We understand that without these suppliers, we could not provide the highest levels of customer service to you.

StreetFleet wants you to feel that we are a part of your team, that you are getting the most from your fleet management organisation and that together, we can create a great experience for you and your employees. This means we are always looking for opportunities and new ways to go the extra mile and show why we’ve earned your trust in the first place!


“To become Australia’s most respected and customer-focussed vehicle management & leasing organisation, to help businesses focus on growth by providing superior quality services that will better the lives of our customers, our employees, our partners and our communities.”


“To offer the safest, most flexible, cost effective and innovative fleet solutions in Australia”

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