Fleet Management

Management of company cars is our expertise so that it doesn't have to be yours.

Fleet Management

Managing company cars and finance of business car fleets can be a time consuming ordeal as you attempt to match employee aspirations with policy and budgetary realities.

So let StreetFleet provide cost effective and efficient vehicle management solutions for your organisation. We've been doing it for nearly two decades, allowing you to focus on your business while we focus on fleet management.

As a client of StreetFleet you will have a designated fleet manager for all of your vehicle leasing needs. Your account manager is on the road regularly to assist you face to face and has a wealth of industry experience to provide you with unbiased expertise and assistance. 

You have 24/7 online access to your company vehicle(s) allowing you to view and report on ongoing maintenance expenses, repair orders, Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT) analysis and much more.

We're proudly 100% Australian owned and operated with a strong focus on customer service.

Our size allows us to provide you with hands on, expert fleet management solutions, that you don't always get with the larger fleet management companies. And despite our size, our pricing is competitive with the big end of town: both through purchasing and lease rates.  

We don't have a call centre so you will always speak to a real person; whether ordering a new car, looking for advice or assistance with a problem.

We are one of only a few total fleet management companies in Australia: providing car purchase and vehicle disposal products right next to car leasing and car finance, meaning we can tailor a fleet management plan to your business.

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  • Tender System

    The StreetFleet Tender system exposes your trade-in vehicle to dealers and auction houses Australia wide. We have dealer contacts in both Metro and Country areas as well as interstate, which enables us to accommodate vehicle sales in any of your business branches across Australia.

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  • Maintenance, Fuel, Tolls & Roadside

    Our maintenance programs can be as flexible as you would like them to be. Our operating leases have maintenance tailored to your lease terms and can include options such as tyres and vehicle repairs for more heavy use industries.

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  • Purchasing and Disposal

    Our purchasing and disposal system is an integral part of our day to day business. We can also help if you prefer to pay cash for your vehicles, as we buy hundreds of cars per year and pass on to you the discounts that our purchasing power affords. We shop around for the best vehicle to suit your needs through our Australia wide car dealer network.

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  • Insurance

    StreetFleet offers a variety of insurance products to help protect your vehicle and your finance commitments. 

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  • Driver Safety Education

    Did you know road crashes are the most common cause of work-related fatalities, injuries and absences from work and that traffic injuries are twice as likely to result in death or permanent disability than other workplace incidents?

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  • Logbook Me & Fleet Monitoring

    Looking for a superior fleet tracking system? Discover our LogbookMe tracking system reporting capabilities.

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  • Free Up Capital

    As vehicles age, associated costs increase. Replacing your fleet vehicles periodically can help reduce overall costs, including downtime, maintenance and repairs, fuel and safety risk management.

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