Driver Safety Education

Developing a culture of safe driving

Did you know that road accidents are the most common cause of work-related fatalities, injuries and absences from work and that traffic injuries are twice as likely to, result in death or permanent disability than any other workplace incidents?

Research has also found that vehicle accident costs a business between 8 to 36 times vehicle repair/replacement costs and these can rise up to $28,122 per incident, after the full costs to the business are taken into account.


We understand that many Fleet and WHS Managers are concerned about driver safety, high vehicle incident costs and meeting WHS obligations for fleet drivers.

Our driver training courses help create a culture of safe driving within your organisation. And the best part is as a StreetFleet client, you benefit from rates you won't find anywhere else.

Here's a quick overview of our Driver Safety Education training and workshops that can help your business benefit from reduced WHS risk:

Fleet Safety Workshops

Group-based, interactive sessions designed to educate and inform drivers about risky driving behaviour and how to implement safe driving habits.

Fleet Driver Evaluation and Training

Individual driving sessions with professional driver trainers, to improve safety and overall driving skills with a written driver assessment report for your records at the completion of the evaluation.

Specialty training

Training to address specific risk areas:

  • Passenger transportation
  • Slow speed maneuvering
  • Country driving
  • Four-wheel-driving 

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