Car Parking Register

Reduce the FBT cost of Employee Parking

Most employers assume employees use car parking each day when calculating fringe benefits tax which results in overpayment of tax. LogbookMe automatically tracks and monitors employee car park usage, reporting on whether a fringe benefits tax liability exists.

The Facts

  1. Automated car park usage reporting
  2. FBT on a day doesn’t apply if:
    • Parked less than 4 hours between 7am & 7pmo
    • Car isn’t driven to employees primary residence
  3. ATO approved (CR2015/2)
  4. FBT liability parameters applied to tripsin register to determine FBT exempt days
  5. No employee action required
  6. Significant tax savings opportunity
  7. Comprehensive automated reporting
  8. Eliminates admin and paper work

LogbookMe car parking register automatically applies all the necessary tax legislative parameters to classify days as taxable or non taxable to produce tax compliant reports for calculating fringe benefits tax on car parking.

The LogbookMe car parking report allowsemployers to identify and exclude days that car parking is not subject to FBT based on actualusage records.

Employees simply use the carpark as normal and LogbookMe automatically records usage and produces an ATO compliant report at the end of the period.

Great for:

  • Sales teams who are on the road,
  • Technicians who are out in the field,
  • Shift workers,
  • People who don’t drive in everyday,
  • Employees who are travelling,
  • Part-timers / employees with flexible working arrangements

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