Fuel Tax Credits

Claim a Cash Refund on Fuel Tax Credits

Fuel tax credit is available as a cash refund on the fuel tax (excise and/or customs duties) levied on fuel used for selected business activities. The most common is in instances where vehicles are used in ‘off-road’ activities that are not subject to thefuel tax.

The Facts

  1. Automated monitoring of fuel taxeligible trips
  2. Accurate claims
  3. Record of mileage to calculate claim
  4. Comprehensive automated aggregatedreporting
  5. Eliminates admin and paper work
  6. Auditable substantiation for the claim
  7. Low cost solution to monitor entire fleet
  8. Flexible site and project boundaries
  9. ATO Class Ruling pending

LogbookMe fuel tax monitor takes the hassle and administration out of monitoring, calculating and claiming fueltax credits. Further, the monitoring works automatically in the background withoutany driver input so your fleet just drives and LogbookMe will calculate the eligible tax credit mileage and produce a periodic report to support the claim.

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