Tax Logbook (Individual Cars)

Cloud Based Logbook - Takes The Hassle Out Of Keeping Logbooks

LogbookMe tax logbook takes the hassle out of completing a tax compliant logbook. All recording of trips is automated and the driver simply classifies trips using a dashboard or smart phone apps.

The Facts

  1. Minimal effort for the user
  2. All trips logged automatically every time vehicle is driven
  3. Instant automatic upload
  4. Web dashboard and smartphone apps available
  5. Notifications when a trip is completed
  6. Simple to use, 2-step trip classification
  7. Smartphone Calendar Integration (Auto-fills trip descriptions)
  8. ATO approved (CR2014/27)
  9. Maximise tax savings
  10. Affordable solution
  11. Comprehensive automated reporting
  12. Eliminates admin and paper work

LogbookMe tax logbook is an ATO approved vehicle logbook. Offering flexible and comprehensive reportingit’s automated trip logging and easy 2-step trip classification making keeping a logbook a breeze.

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