Purchasing and Disposal

Our purchasing and disposal system is an integral part of our day to day business. If you would prefer to pay cash for your vehicles then we can help you as we buy many hundreds of cars per year and the discounts that our purchasing power affords us we pass directly on to you. We shop around for the best vehicle to suit your needs through our Australia wide dealer network.

Through our industry experience, we can quote on any vehicle model that you may require; from base model sedans and wagons to exotic cars, trucks, buses and other vehicles. This can then be paired up with our fleet management program to achieve ongoing efficiencies in your fleet. 

The disposal system is based on our unique tender system, more of which you can read about here. We are happy to help you sell or trade any vehicle that is currently in your fleet maximising your return, whether you are leasing or purchasing your replacement vehicle. 

Key Benefits 

  • Take advantage of our purchasing power 
  • Unique tender system 
  • One-off payment 
  • Complete ownership 
  • Saves you time
  • Can be paired with fleet management

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