Disability Service Vehicles


StreetFleet has been specialising in disability service vehicles since we were established back in 1998. Modifying vehicles for use as disability service vehicles can be an expensive and time consuming exercise.

In addition to financing both the vehicle and modification costs, we will also work closely with you and the engineers to ensure that all modifications are designed with your passenger's comfort and mobility in mind whilst meeting all of your vehicle requirements. 

Further, we will ensure all modifications, engineer's reports, inspections and registration is in place prior to delivery! So when you take delivery of your new vehicle it will be fully modified and ready to go. 

If under a maintenance agreement (or fully maintained lease) we will pay for all scheduled maintenance of the vehicle and wheelchair lifter (if fitted) as well as arrange staff training for the various aspects of the modifications for your peace of mind. 

We only use the very best in the industry to modify our vehicles and through them, we offer a variety of modifications that we can help you design to meet your needs. 

In addition to leasing and managing modified vehicles, StreetFleet has developed a platform for the sharing of modified vehicles called CARL. 


CARL – Disability vehicle sharing

CARL is a specialist web based transport booking platform that enables the sharing and booking of specially fitted access vehicles.

50% owned by StreetFleet, CARL ihas recently (early 2018) completed a pilot in South Australia with organisations CARA and SCOSA, with Governments and organisations across the country showing interest in this new initiative.

We are the service connector between fleets and users, playing a key role in finding you your perfect transport match.

The idea behind CARL is to increase fleet companies’ vehicle utilisation, whilst providing people living with a disability greater access to suitable transport options based on their specific needs.CARL logo

The CARL collective promotes the shared economy movement, providing connection, access and a mutually beneficial relationship for all those within the network.

We are a community minded, socially responsible organisation striving to make a positive impact through accessible transport and our mission is to connect people by providing the community with readily available and affordable transport options.

For more information on CARL, please visit www.carlride.com.

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