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Novated Leasing

A Novated lease allows an individual to finance the purchase of a car while saving thousands through tax advantage concessions.

StreetFleet novated car lease specialists

Are you or your business looking for a new car? Are you unsure whether to spend your hard-earned money on a brand new car?

When you add up all the associated costs such as petrol, registration, insurance, servicing, tyres and general upkeep cost, it can certainly put you off. So where does that leave you? Novated and Operating leases combine the cost of your new car and the running costs in one simple monthly repayment. Sound like a better option?

StreetFleet is the largest South Australian owned and operated fleet management company. With offices in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne, we specialise in the lease and management of vehicles right across the country. From novated, finance and operating leases, to chattel mortgages, we have the expertise to assist!

So if you’re looking for a company to help you manage your cars and save you money, contact StreetFleet today!


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June 09

The onset of winter brings on a change in road conditions and, with it, the need for motorists to adopt a ‘wet weather attitude’.

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Five new car features that make family life easier

June 01

When you have kids, life can be very busy and taking everyone out for a ride in the car – no matter if it’s a long-distance trip or a quick trip to the shops – can be challenging and stressful.

StreetFleet has listed six great new car features that every parent should know about and that will make life just a little bit easier.

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